Denver Broncos open to possibly drafting QB at No. 5

John Elway signed a bridge quarterback this offseason, adding Case Keenum on a two-year deal. That won’t stop the Denver Broncos from possibly using the No. 5 overall pick on a quarterback.

The general manager said on The Adam Schefter Podcast Show this week he’s keeping his options open as the team ramps up its draft preparation.

That’ll be wide open, Elway said, via ESPN’s Jeff Legwold. … I’m betting we won’t know what direction we’re going to go until probably the day of [the first round] or the day before.

Jordan danced around possibilities, discussing edge rushers, Penn State tight end Mike Gesicki and avoiding crowding New Orleans’ talented backfield before turning to the quarterback position.

If you’re looking for an heir apparent, maybe give him the Aaron Rodgers treatment. Let him learn from the best for a couple years and then send him on. But I’m not putting here nor there, I’m just simply saying, Jordan said before immediately mouthing Lamar Jackson.

No, I’m saying Sheldon Rankins is from Louisville, Jordan said in a playful cover-up attempt.

We know months worth of prognostication become moot within the first couple hours of the NFL draft, but should Jackson end up in New Orleans, add football fortune teller to Jordan’s list of accolades — even if Suh didn’t want to join him.

I asked him in Orlando if he’d give up a pinky toe if it meant a guaranteed Super Bowl victory in the next seven years. He did not hesitate in his answer. ‘Right now,’ NFL Media’s Dan Hanzus noted.

Well, the pinky toe is probably the least important of all the digits down there. It’s not quite on par with Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott giving up one of his fingers to play in a game. Even then, we’re openly wondering whether Reid’s family would be okay with this exchange.

All or Nothing has proved to be sturdier than initially expected from a storytelling standpoint. To put it another way, the show doesn’t live or die by the success of the team being studied. NFL Films knows how to work magic, whether it’s documenting a 2015 Cardinals team that came within one victory of the Super Bowl or a dreadful 2016 Rams team that lost constantly and eventually fired the head coach. (I can still see Jeff Fisher holding his dog and waving as the team busses departed for another slaughter in Seattle. I’m not sure he’s been seen since.) patriots_013-223x223

Lamar Jackson’s stock reportedly climbing, expected to go in first round

Lamar Jackson has been somewhat of a mystery as we inch closer to the NFL Draft, but apparently he has a good chance of being selected very early.

Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports reported over the weekend that Jackson’s stock is rising and he could be picked as early as No. 15 overall, with the Arizona Cardinals in need of a quarterback of the future.

Starting corner Malcolm Butler and veteran receiver Danny Amendola are also gone, leaving the Patriots roster thinner than most of their upper-echelon counterparts.

Fortunately for New England, the AFC is the weaker of the two conferences. The Pats expect to get two-time 1,000-yard receiver Julian Edelman and Pro Bowl linebacker Dont’a Hightower back from injury, and you know they’ll get something out of new arrivals Adrian Clayborn and Danny Shelton.

The Patriots always find a way.

The former Buffalo Bills quarterback underwent surgery on Wednesday to remove cancer from his jaw and lymph nodes. The surgery involved reconstructing his jaw using part of his fibula. That means not only is he writing messages on a board to communicate due to the jaw surgery, but his leg also is recovering.

The good news is Kelly on Sunday took his first steps since the operation. His daughter, Erin, shared a video of Kelly walking.

According to Football Outsiders, only three teams were hit harder by injuries in 2017 than the Houston Texans. But those numbers don’t do justice to what happened to Houston, which lost three-time Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt in October and then saw sensational rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson go down with a season-ending knee injury in November. jets_038

Washington honoring 1987 replacement ers with Super Bowl rings

Washington won the Super Bowl to end the 1987 season. But the replacement ers from that team who led Washington to a 3-0 record during the strike have previously had their role recognized only in stories, a movie and a documentary. They had nothing else to show for their contributions.

Washington finished 11-4 in the regular season in 1987, winning the division on its way to a 42-10 victory over the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII.

Curran’s column shares a quote from Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who said last year that Belichick has explained that, at this point in his career, he wants to coach ers he likes, ers he wants to be around. Has Belichick extended that same attitude to anyone who possibly would scrutinize and criticize Belichick’s ideas to the point that he doesn’t want to be around them?

As the Patriots try to regroup after a season that ended in a sense of failure, it’s important to wonder whether Belichick has those voices who are able to steer him away from circumstances that could lead to future failures.

According to Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network, former Texans linebacker Brian Cushing is visiting Seattle today.

Cushing ed for Pete Carroll at Southern Cal, establishing the connection.

The 31-year-old linebacker would give them a solid presence alongside Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright as they rebuild a defense.

Having traded Michael Bennett, and with something going on with Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor suffering a neck injury last year that puts his future in doubt, things are going to look very different there.jets_133